Carbomont / CarboEuropeIP Gap Filling Tool

This version is still experimental. Should now also work with Safari from Mac


This web interface allows you to upload your data file to the internet and have the data gaps filled automatically, as long as your data input meets some minimum requirements.

When done, you will receive the process output log via e-mail and can download a compressed data file from the same server. You will get instructions how to do this after having pressed the "Fill gaps" button at the bottom of this page.


The details are given on a separate page: Read the details, then use the back-button to return.

Important Note

Depending on the web browser you use you do not get a unique job ticket and you may overwrite old output and information when re-submitting another gap filling job. Therefore, to be on the safe side please download the gapfilled data before the submission of another job!

Step 1: Give your contact information

Your e-mail address is needed to send you the resulting file back, and to inform you about problems and errors that might have occurred during processing.

Your e-mail:

Step 2: Specify where the date and time information is found

Important note: if your file has less than four column, then gap filling will fail (the autodetection of the column separation will not work). Thus make sure you have at least 4 columns in your data file!

Julian day is in column 1, decimal hour in column 2, year is in column 3 (the EXTENDED Euroflux standard)

Julian day is in column 1, decimal hour in column 2 (the Euroflux standard; all data from same year)

I use a different convention which I specify below:
            Julian day is in column 
            Decimal hour is in column 
            Year is in column  (specify -1 if year is not supplied)

Step 3: Specify how I can detect missing values

My missing values are labeled as follows:

-9999 (the Euroflux standard)



Step 4: Specify which file you want to have gap-filled

Please select a comma delimited (CSV) or space delimited text file containing the data that you want to use to fill gaps. Tabulators, semicolons, and colons work as well, but mixtures might not be dealt with appropriately. You can produce a CSV file from Excel by using the menue "save as" and then save the file as *.csv prior to submit it to this web site. The Euroflux data format is space delimited, but we should be able to process both space delimited and CSV files. We will autodetect the file type. If we are uncertain, you will get an e-mail reply.

You must make sure that the fields that need to be gap-filled are marked with a missing value which you can specify in step 3. We do not fill in data for missing records. Thus it is your responsibility to fill in missing records if you want to have them gap filled. The minimum requirement is that the julian day and the decimal hour of day information is available.        

This data file has header lines which should be copied to the output file.

Data file:

Step 5: Submit your file and information

When you have filled in all required information above, then press the "Fill gaps" button to download your data and start data processing. The resulting output and error logs will be sent to your e-mail as specified in Step 1.        


This web tool is provided and serviced by: Werner Eugster,

Disclaimer: You are using this page at your own risk and expense. Werner Eugster does not garantee for the results, nor does he take any responsibility for any problems you might experience in any aspect of your life. Always keep a backup copy of your original data as they were prior to gap filling.